Sunday Show and Tell

I want to read a really good book.
Like so good its amazing
So good that if they announce they are making a film of it, i will instantly without knowing any other information announce that i shall never watch the film and it will be awful, all because a book that amazing can't be lived up to by a Hollywood remake of its amazingly good story.
See, I'm talking real good here people, real good.

So without pause or hesitation I want you to answer the following question without thinking about it, because as we all know playing the 'first thing that comes into your head is the truth game' is literally so spot on its nearly scientifically proven....and it sometimes comes up with results that may even surprise you.  Oh and no cheating....

What is you favourite ever book and why?


Clara Turbay said...

that´s weird! full of books !

Kirsty said...

Gatsby, because it can never be bettered. Subtle, yet it never leaves you. Once you read it you're never the same.