Steady as the stars in the woods


Jacket - Topshop
Tee- Forever 21
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Nelly UK
Red Scarf -Got It From My Mama

So the sun and blue skies stole me away for a few days.
It was pretty beautiful....
No clouds or rain or storms
Just real life sunshine rays and Lot's of happy smiles.
Thank you Mr Sunshine for appearing for a little while.....

So in honour of the warm weather I have some messy, bedhead/summer hair in these photos and barely there make-up, some mascara, highlighter and of course The Red Lip.
I also have a jacket on....I know I'm such a rebel....jokes!
It's like I'm actually asking the sun to just melt me but I of course took it off as it got more sunny.
I had been obsessed about this jacket from Topshop and just knew I had to get my hands on it, it's even better in real life and has that 'Kate Bosworth' feel to it, I love it!

I'm a bit crazy in love with my scarf/necklace too.  My mama has a knitting store on Etsy and she sells these in it.  You can get them in loads of different colours but I love the red.  It's hand-knitted using Merino wool and it's the softest cutest thing ever, i love throwing it on over plain tee's like this one.   It's such a good alternative to 'The statement necklace' which sometimes feels a little done now, no?

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend too, did you all have fun?


Borjana said...

Ohhh this is fantastic,honey!;)

Claire said...

Great post! Love the outfit


Hola Bambi said...

love this outfit gorgeous girl x

Is This Real Life? said...
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Josie said...

I adore your jacket!