Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

Ok so Step 1 involves turning the volume up really loud on whichever electronic device you are reading this on.
Step 2 is all about limbering up, stretch out, flex those muscles, you don't want to pull something and injure yourself with all this dancing your going to be doing in a minute.
And Step 3, well step 3 is about belief, yeah that's damn right I did go all Oprah there and say belief.
Belief that no matter what your day has been like so far that the minute you press play on this wee beauty of a grey square underneath these glorious words, that it will quadrupole the awesome-ness of it within seconds.
So are you ready it's nearly time to hear some real life pop music.
You could probably do your own internal count down or not it's up to you really....
Press play.....

Isn't Heart That Could Heal just the best.....
Did you enjoy the songs, which is your favourite?
If you loved listening to a bit of Venice you can go and download this very EP for free, yes free HERE
Or go and follow them on Twitter HERE and tell them Lot's of nice things about their songs or just that you like their hair, I'm sure either would be fine and much appreciated.


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Satin and Souffles said...

This band is great! Thanks for sharing! At the moment I'm really int Kyla La Grange! Just found her, her voice is fab! xx

Claire said...

I love this! Just downloaded, did a big spam liking session on twitter and facebook. Love that your blog is now on their facebook page! Ah, that's so awesome!