Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life #1


Ok, so I think it's probably pretty important that we try and recreate this video.
If you bring the white Tee's and black braces, I'll bring the fairy lights and confetti.
Either your place or mine is fine and I'm sure the band will be up for making a cameo, right?

If you do one thing today please press play on this song.....oh and clap and stamp your feet when your listening to it too, you'll have big-time fun I promise.

My new favourite band The Lumineers release their debut album on the 5th of November and are touring the UK in Oct and Nov when they support The Civil Wars. 

P.S 'Song that may or may not change your life' is a new thing I'll be doing on my blog so if you have any suggestions that you think I may like, then email/tweet me!