NARS Lip Pencil


I've became a little bit obsessed at how amazing this lipstick/pencil is.
I have always wanted to try one and finally got round to it when my sister bought me this one for my birthday.

Red lipsticks have got to be the toughest thing to get right, right?
I have MAC's Lady Danger and have always liked that a lot.  But since i went from brunette to blonde, i feel like the orange-y/light red shade of Lady Danger makes me look a bit, well drag-queen which isn't always the look I'm aiming for.  So I set about trying to find a deeper darker red that I thought would suit my new hair colour better and found this.

It is so deep red, it feels like a really luxurious colour if that makes any sense? Very rich in tone.
It is super duper matte which I have never tried before but have literally fallen head over heels.  To me i always imagined matte to mean dry and flaky but its more like suede or velvet it looks so smooth.

My lips are not terribly dry but they can get that way if I have been in the sun etc and I have heard some reviews saying these NARS lipsticks make their lips worse if they are already dry but I can honestly say it didn't affect mine at all, but maybe if you do suffer from chapped lips just make sure to put some balm on before you apply this which I think most people do anyway.

I can't even explain how much easier i found applying this to my lips rather than a usual lipstick either straight from the bullet or using a brush, this literally took seconds and you can be so precise with it.

Another thing I would mention about this shade is that even though its so red and bold because of the texture and richness it is actually perfect for daywear which is something i find really hard with a red shade, i always think it looks a bit try-hard on me during the day but this is actually in a weird way quite subtle and I'm sure it's all to do with the matte-ness so if that is something you are looking for then i would definitely have a try of this.

Are you a fan of NARS lip pencils?
Which is your perfect shade of red?

Buy this NARS lip pencil in shade Cruella for £17.50  HERE

P.S Excuse the messy hair!


Hola Bambi said...

That colour is soooo hottttt ! Xx

Hazel said...

I've always wanted to try one of these...