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Sports Bra's - the most unglamourous member of the bra family?
Quite probably.
And it's because of that that I think they are sometimes the most forgotten about or rather pushed to the side.
Because at the end of the day if you had a wad of cash for some bra goodness who wouldn't rather splash out on some pretty lingerie rather than, well ....this.

But for the longest time I have been desperate to get my hands on a proper, professional real sports bra. One that will do it's job and well let's be honest make exercising a lot more comfortable.
So when Simply Beach asked if I would like to pick something from their store I jumped at the chance to finally get one of these.

The thing that has put me off getting a proper sports bra is the price and the confusion over which ones actually work.
So i got my 'google on' and had a good look around and decided on this one-
(you can also get it in different colourways too)

I read sooo many good reviews about it and already knew a little bit about Shock Absorber and it completely lived up to the hype.
It does everything that it's meant to do and the fit is great.
It is very secure and kinda sucks you in but it isn't so tight that you feel like you can't move, which is what I thought most sports bra's would feel like.
The price of this one is £30.00 which is quite pricey but for what you get it's great and it's such super strong material that you just know it will last well.
I am so pleased with it and I'm so glad i finally have a sports bra as it honestly does make exercising so much more enjoyable and on a more vain note it makes all your gym/exercise clothes looks better having this underneath too!

I got this bra from Simply Beach which is honestly amazing, and i promise you I wouldn't just say that.  I had been browsing it quite a lot before they got in touch with me as I had seen their name in the press a lot recently, as it has every type of swimwear and lingerie you could think of in one place.  The prices are also really great too compared to some other places, like i said i have been doing a lot of google comparison haha!
I have my eye on basically every Melissa Odabash kaftan on their site too, so pretty!

So, to help you find which sports bra is best for you I thought I would share some top tips,
this is actually copied straight from Shock Absorbers website as i personally found it really helpfully, regarding how to pick your size etc.

Shock Absorber’s six top tips for finding the right sports bra for you:
1. You should always try a sports bra in the same size that you would wear your regular bra and if in doubt, get professionally fitted.
2. The cup should contain the whole of the breast and the fabric should appear smooth.  If there are wrinkles in the fabric then a smaller cup size should be tried. The breast should be completely held in the cups without overspill.
3. The band that goes around the chest should be level at the front and back.  It needs to be comfortable with the ability to take deep breaths whilst still being firmly in place. It’s the band around your back that provides most of the support for your breasts. Fasten on the loosest hook.  If you are fastening your bra strap to the tightest hook, the chest band is too big for you.
4. A good gauge to ensure the chest band fits well is if you can fit the width of two fingers between the chest band and skin, any more space than this and the band is too big, which could cause friction. Try a smaller chest band.
5. Adjust the shoulder straps. You don’t want too much give between the shoulder and the straps, nor do you want them digging in. A good gauge to ensure the straps aren’t too loose is if you can fit the width of two fingers between the shoulder and skin.
6. Do the bounce test -  jump up and down!  This is the best way to test out the support. Still too much bounce? Try on another size to get the right fit.
Are you a fan of a certain sports bra, or do you have any more tips on finding your perfect fit?


Katia said...

I never used to wear sports bras while working out and then I bought some.. and my life changed! I use nike ones, they are just so perfect! :)