Lucas Papaw Ointment

Believe the hype peeps
Because this really is as good as all those cool-kid Australian models have said.
I got it for my birthday in May and have so far used it on my super dry hands/lips and it's really helped.
Also on my chickenpox scars which it's also soothed and my mum got some insect bites on her arm and i gave her some of this to take away the stinging and the itching, she said it worked really quick and made the bites go away quicker too.

It's one of those products that pretty much does everything I think,

You can buy Lucas Papaw Ointment from loads of different places, amazon ships it worldwide I think and you can get it in a lot of different sizes too.
If you are in the UK, you can get it HERE

Are you a fan of this little wonder product?