I threw a wish in the well

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Wearing- Sweater-Mango
Shoes- Nelly
Bag- Urban Outfitters

Apologies for the lighting in these photo's, it was actually pretty sunny for once when I took these this which made then look all dark/shadowy..!

I feel head over heels for this Mango jumper when Kate Moss was cavorting around on all those billboards and magazine ad's with it on.  I never managed to nab it at the time but a few weeks ago managed to find it in their sale for half the price, Bargain-Woop Woop!
Although the only one left was in a way bigger, but i love the over-sized feel of it and it's so unbelievably soft and comfy, just the perfect throw-on-with-anything type thing.

Oh and do you recognise my wedges, remember I posted about them here a while ago, well I couldn't help myself and went ahead and bought them when they came back in stock. I actually gasped when I saw them in the box(Drama Queen I know!), they are even nicer in real life, and the perfect height for every day too.

And I know it's pretty difficult to see the ring i have on but it's from this beautiful little store called Trash &Trinkets.  It sells such lovely things.  I have a few more rings to show you from them, i will do another post so you can see them all close up, but i just wanted to let you know that they have a sale on just now and this ring is in it too, just in case you wanted a peek.

Ooh and what are we thinking about the Olympics, did you like the Opening Ceremony? I liked it!
I am totes not into sports at all but i really hope Tom Daley does well today, he seems just so sweet which i know is not what you should base wanting someone to win on but darn, it would be a much more fun competition if it was, right...ha!


Sarah P said...

I'm in love with this jumper! Seen it a couple of times now and have managed to resist picking it up so far but I may have to give in to the urge! Haha! Fab outfit :) <3


the style crusader said...

Love the print on your jumper. Super cute outfit. xx

Jade said...

Ah I've been coveting this jumper for ages! The pastel colours are gorgeous x

Betsey said...

I LOVE your bag! Ahhh!

Hola Bambi said...

i loveeee your blog, you're hottt xx

LIFE IS WHAT said...

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