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  Well, Long time no speak beautiful people....I suppose I should explain my absence...
I had Chicken Pox, It was horrible and yukky and I really didn't think you would have wanted to see my poxy face all over the Internet, so I stopped posting for a while.
But then I decided to extend it and take a little blogging break over the summer.
I think I needed it.
I had started to feel a little uninspired and really that's not that great when the whole point of blogging is to try and inspire, right?

Well, it worked and I'm pretty darn inspired again.
I have read blog after blog after blog.
Every kind, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between.
It's been the first time in a really long time that i have really read blogs, if you know what i mean.
I've always made a point of catching up with my favourites but i had forgot how much i actually just enjoyed reading random blogs that i come across.
I can honestly say that blogs with amazing people, words, pictures and stories have been at the core of my re-inspired mind.
I just think i got reminded of how fun blogging can be and i have finally managed to get it clear in my own head what i want my blog to be about.
I think for a long time i was sticking to the rules a little to much, you know?
Like a fashion blog has to post about X, Y and Z and has to like or dislike this or that and even though i didn't realise it at the time i think i was just going along with it.
Well, my beautiful friends no more....
I want this little shiny, glittery portal to be a place where you can come to find lots of fun things that will hopefully, maybe, possibly inspire you a little and make you smile along the way.
That fact that I haven't blogged in so long but every time i check in, i see that all you lovely peeps have been continually visiting my blog, emailing and tweeting makes me so super happy and I just want to say a massive thank you for continuing to follow this little ole' blog and I hope that you enjoy it's new and hopefully improved direction.
It's not going to be perfect but where is the damn fun in perfect anyway, right?

With love


Hipster Bitch said...

About time! It's damn fine to have you back. Stay re-inspired.

A and B said...

I love that you took a break from blogging only to find inspiration again! Congrats and sorry bout the chicken pox (heard it's awful when it hits later in life!)