Photobucket Photobucket is a Swedish online store that is now in the UK.
To say that it's pretty awesome would be a major understatement
I kinda went all in and decided that I must have there two pairs of shoes in my life
I have been looking for the perfect nude shoes for forever
but perfect is pretty hard to come by when you are as fussy as me with shoes
Then these appeared before my eyes.
And as i tried to get them in my virtual basket as quickly as possible I realised they didn't have my size and I did that thing, you know when you really want something, you go 'it's totally fine that the shoes are two sizes to small, three toes are meant to be hanging out the side, that's like totally cool these days'.
But I had to reign myself in and think of the mighty blisters I would get and well the fact that i wouldn't get my feet in them  at all and remove them from my basket.
So if you like them I would suggest clicking over quick to see if they have your size,
Let me know if you buy them and if they are as beautiful in real life (no pun intended!)
Buy the shoe HERE
Buy the wedge HERE


S.Lennyn82 said...

Love those heels, sadly I cant walk in them problem walking in extremely high wedges though lol.
Sara xx

Ioana-Carmen said...

Lovely babe! Let`s follow each other!