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Style is one of the hardest things to describe in the world I think.
Is it how you wear it, who is wearing it, why they wear it?
There is so many questions and absolutely too many answers to find the truth in between the opinion.
I could listen to people talk all day about it.  The arguments for and against, the confusion and passion of everyone trying to describe something that only really exists in the eyes of who is looking.
It's completely and utterly subjective and that to me is what makes it so interesting.
Everyone wants to 'have' style or 'get' style but maybe the irony is that we have it all along and by concentrating on what it might be or look like or what our BFF or favourite blogger thinks it is, we kinda risk losing 'our' style a little along the way.
Which is why when I see something that I just think wow, that is me in inanimate object form i get excited, it's like another little piece of my style puzzle has been found,  it's ever changing and constantly evolving but the core always stays the same for me and that for me is simpleness.
And that is exactly what I think these rings are.  The most basic and beautiful form of jewellery, to me these are forever pieces that can fit around my look.
I am in LOVE with them.
You can buy them from Etsy
Single ring- £8.95
Stacked rings - £30.68


sara said...

your post will help us to Get personal Beauty And Style

Kat Nicholls said...

Love these, so simply and yet so beautiful! Love the new blog design too by the way! Very pretty! x

Betsey said...

Oh wow, I would love to wear these!

Niki M said...

Simply perfect! I found some silver bands in my jewelery box ages ago and never thought to wear them because they didn't seem "statement" enough but eventually the minimalism of them is what really appealed to me.