Victoria Nails Inc

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I LOVE a pastel or a neon nail colour but my classic forever favourite nail shade is this one right here.  A deep deep Burgundy red.

This one that I'm wearing above is Nails Inc's Victoria, which is a near exact match of my hero nail polish Chanel's Rouge Noir.  
I would say if I had to choose one difference between the two, and believe me they are scary-similar it would be that Chanel's is a deeper more even colour on your nail, whereas Nails Inc's Victoria can sometimes look a little lighter on.

They are both amazing and always make me feel so chic when I wear them.

Isn't it weird how nail colour can do that?

What is your classic-always-favourite-never-goes-out-of-style-nail-colour? 

You can buy Nails Inc Victoria HERE
Or Chanel's Rouge Noir HERE


Anonymous said...

I love that colour! I change my nail colour all the time but I can never go wrong with a real scarlet red or a dark red! :)

Le Material Girl

Domonique Wilson said...

Oooh it would have to be a Marks and Spencer's lilac looks great whether you have a tan or not and just brightens' up your entire look!

Katia said...

I love the color. Dark nails will always be the best.. I just find it gives such a strength to any outfit!