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There will always be faddy kinds of things in beauty and fashion that are created just to charge a ridiculous amount of money for something that looks extremely pretty but doesn't really do much.  And when I first heard about The Tangle Teezer I kinda have to be honest and say I thought that this would fall into the 'Faddy' category.  But I have to say that i was 100% wrong.

Basically for anyone who doesn't know, The Tangle Teezer is a new kind of brush for your hair.  It is as the name suggests meant to get rid of all the tangles and knots in your hair quick and pain free.

I have naturally really curly, super thick hair but I have never, even when I was little had tuggy/tangly hair thankfully, so I only ever used to comb my hair not brush it because of the curl and it was totally no bother at all and only took a second but now that i have a head filled with bleached highlights its a totally different story. 
It was like it happened over night.  I went to the hairdressers with lovely tangle free tresses and then when i washed it the next day i literally had this head full of knots, i sat for what must have been a good half hour, slowly separating and teasing out my hair with my hands, then a comb, then finally i was able to brush it.  By the end I had a headache and a lot of hair in my hands!!

A few months earlier I had gotten my sister a Tangle Teezer as she has super tangly hair  and she had told me how good the TT had been for her, so at Christmas my mama bought me one and honestly its amazing.

It's weird as I have no clue how it works, it just looks a bit like a horse brush with plastic bristles but it really does untangle your hair amazingly well.

I can get this through my hair in seconds and it's not painful and doesn't pull out your hair at all.
Unlike normal brushes you can use it on your hair wet or dry and when I brush this through my curls it doesn't even make them go frizzy it just sort of separates them and make them bouncy, so it would be great for anyone who curls there hair using a curling iron/wand too!

You can get the TT in loads of different colours and in Lot's of different places for around £8 give or take a few pence.
I got mine from HERE (although it seems to be a bit cheaper HERE) and if you want to hear more about the TT from the creator you can watch this video HERE.

What do you guys think, are you a fan of the Tangle Teezer?
I would love to know?


Daisy said...

I've had mine for months now and my hair feels so much better :) love it! xxx

Jessica & Josette said...

really want to try this my hair gets soo tangled at the back!

Jessica & Josette said...
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Jade said...

I've got one and I love it - my hair has never felt better! x

Ooh La! said...

I didn't know it but after reading your post I really want to try it! You can tell it works very well! trust you!


Katia said...

It looks cute! haha My hair gets tangled a lot cause its so long, so this looks perfect :) I usually just rip through it with my fingers.. which is painfull

threesmallapples said...

I've just gotten one of these! They are bloody great!