Studio Sculpt Foundation

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Ok, So sorry for the extreme close up of my face, it's a little intense i know but I just wanted you to be able to see the foundation on my skin and my colouring for matching purposes!

I have used this foundation for years, it's my all time favourite.
I am super pale and have Lot's of freckles on my face, I really don't like when foundations 'mask' freckles as I always think its looks so weird and heavy on your face and it looks like you are trying to cover something up rather than embrace them, so I was really happy when I first tried this as it doesn't do that as all, it gives you full coverage but doesn't hide or mask my freckles.
It's really buildable too, and it doesn't go cakey on my skin at all.
MAC describes it as medium to high coverage and i would definitely agree with that although i always just wear it more towards the medium scale.
I really do think it gives a really great, flawless base for you to build your make-up on.  It's gel based so It's so easy to apply, stays on all day and it dries with a sort of luminous sheen rather than sheer or matte.

I use shade NW15 which is the second palest I think.  I had to get the girl at MAC to match me as I had no clue when I first bought it, they just put a little bit on your neck/chin to see which would suit you better.  This is a near exact match for my skin, maybe just a tad warmer than my natural tone but it looks the exact same when it's on.

I would say I get a full days wear of the foundation without it disappearing on my face, its really long lasting.

I know it's that time of year where a lot of people start to look for a bronzer or light foundation for summer, so that's why I thought I would do this post just now as I think this would be perfect if you want to try out something not as heavy for summer time.

You can buy this HERE or in MAC stores for £23

P.s- Oh and it has SPF 15 in it too!


KOREN said...

Hey Emma! The foundation looks amazing on your skin... I totally get you re the freckles. Just wondering what type of finish you get with it? Matte or more dewy? I maye have to pick up a sample!!! X

Claire said...

I'm always very intimidated by the Mac counter girls, I shall have to pluck up the courage to try a sample...