Purple Shampoo

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Purple Shampoo - a little bit pointless and don't really do anything for your hair?
Well, that's what I used to think until this little beauty came along.

Before we go on we should probably cover a few things though, right?
What is Purple shampoo and eh...why is it purple?

I had no clue as to what the answer was to the above question before I started to use it either but with a little help from the 'Touch-Of-Silver' website, here is the answer...
"You need to know a little about colour theory. The general rule to remember is that opposing colours neutralise each other.
The opposite of yellow/orange is purple/violet and using a purple shampoo that deposits violet colour pigment will effectively neutralise yellow tones in grey, white & platinum blonde hair. It also works for natural blonde's in need of a bit of a boost, as well as highlighted blonde hair"

Well, I think we've covered that now, huh?

The first time I went blonde I never bothered trying a purple shampoo and from the minute I walked out of the hairdressers I felt my hair was brassy so this time around when i went blonde I was determined to keep brassiness at bay by using a purple shampoo.

So after spending way more than i wanted to I ended up going though a tonne of different high-street branded ones like John Frieda and similar makes.
I saw no difference at all, like not even a slight change to the colour or yellow/brass-tones in my hair

So when I went to get my highlights done at the end of last year, I asked my hairdresser about the purple shampoos.  She said that you will never get much difference from a 'High-street' branded purple shampoo because the concentration of the mixture isn't strong enough as they are not allowed to put as Strong quantities of the things in it that tones your hair to take out the brassiness..(I should state this is just her opinion and I'm sure there are lots and lots of high-street brands that really do work for some people)   
Then here comes the best bit, she got really animated and was like, what here till i get you something and she came back brandishing the above bottle of shampoo.
She said that they always use professional purple shampoos form Sally's (Salon Services) and that's where she would normally have recommended me go to get one although they are always expensive.
But they had recently discovered the above shampoo and have been a bit obsessed about it since, seriously at this point all the hairdressers in the salon came over to tell me how amazing it is.

I think it has recently been re-branded as I think it used to be marketed at just for White or Grey hair but now it's also aimed at blonde hair.

She told me that I HAD to go buy some the minute I left the hairdressers as it was so good.  She said it was the best they have ever used, even better than the really expensive professional ones and that it really genuinely keeps aways the brassiness.

And the best part of the whole thing, it's super cheap.
I got mine from my local chemist and it was just over £2.  My hairdresser told me to wait about a week to let my highlights settle and she said to watch as it's super strong shampoo and if you use it more than the recommended twice a week your hair will get a lilac tinge to it (which I actually thought sounded kinda nice to be honest, ha!)

If I'm truthful i was really doubtful of it still and was sure It wouldn't live up to the hype but after i used it the first time I literally could not believe my eyes when i saw myself in the mirror, keep in mind this was only a week or two after i had had my hair re-highlighted so it was looking nice and blonde anyway but with the shampoo it had managed to make it look even better and turned my hair into a lovely ashy white.  I was so Happy with it and i  have used it ever since.

It has been so good that i have actually managed to get an extra few weeks or so out of my highlights as its kept the brassiness away so well and actually changes the colour and makes its look so light and newly done.

This is my number one beauty must have.
Honestly I can not rave about it enough!

If you have highlights or even just naturally blonde hair i can not urge you enough to try this, it really really does make a difference.

The one I use can only be used only twice a week.  You use it like a normal shampoo and leave it on for 5 Min's, i have found the longer i leave it on the better the colour,  but watch out as it dyes the palms of your hand a slight lilac colour until you give them a good wash. 

You can also buy the everyday version of the shampoo and you can get a dry shampoo too which i am desperate to try as i imagine it will be amazing!
Check out there website for the full range and more deets HERE.

You can buy it online.  The best price i can find for you is HERE. Its also stocked in most major retailers including boots but i really would urge you to check out your local chemists/drugstores as that's where i got mine and its was even cheaper in there.

Have you guys ever tried it?
Are you a fan of Purple Shampoo's, Do you think they work?

If you try this shampoo, please do let me know how you get on with it and if you love it as much as I do!

P.S. It does have some strong colourings and chemicals in it you could be allergic to. Although because it's only a shampoo that is very rare for that to happen.  I take allergic reactions to lots of things as i have super sensitive skin and i am 100% fine with it but i just wanted to point it out so you can be aware of it in case your sensitive to any of the ingredients used!


Domonique Wilson said...

This looks awesome...I'm naturally blonde and really want to go back for the summer. This will come in handy as I've also used high street ones and they're never any good!

Thanks for sharing lovely!


Princess Paula said...

This is my saviour! Lor knows what my hair looked like before I found this! x

Robyn said...

I use this shampoo once a week and it makes all the difference - saves me from re-toning my hair constantly and is much cheaper than the Lee Stafford purple shampoo but does the job just as well! xx

Jessica & Josette said...

i used to lovelovelove this when i had white hair!

Jessica & Josette said...

i used to lovelovelove this when i had white hair!

MissDow said...

Purple Shampoo is a godsend!! xx

Anonymous said...

I use this all the time and its amazing! In Ireland its about €3 in small chemists! Dont over use as its strong and can be drying! Use a good conditioner as well. Leave it on for as long as you can but don't let it drip near your eyes as very painful!

Anonymous said...

I am a brunette, and I have been rocking the ombre look for a few months and am loving the versatility it gives me. Recently my blonde colour on the ends and underlayers has been looking a little blah. So I'm going to get a purple or blue shampoo. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how this will affect my brown hair? I've read some things saying it's fine, and others saying it will cool down my natural colour. I do have a few natural red undertones in my hair.