Neon Heart


Jumper- Primark
Necklace - EE Jewellery

I was walking through Primark and I laid eyes on this little beauty of a jumper, a sort of unflattering shape and a 90's rave NEON pink and knew I had to have it. 
It was about 3 sizes too big for me but like I said it was NEON pink and if you've read my blog for a while you will know that i have an extreme love for anything so bad it actually becomes amazing which is what NEON pink is filled under in my brain, so I bought it.

Do you guys ever let the fact that they don't have your correct size in clothes or shoes stop you from buying something if you just HAVE to have it?



Lulu said...

I always buy jumpers 2/3 sizes too big as I love them big and cosy! Absolutely adore this necklace too :) xx

Anonymous said...

The colour of the pink with your hair looks proper ace! Got some major love for your hair too, so volumey!

If I want something to slouch in then I go for a bigger size, it doesn't bother me as long as I like the item!

Jessica & Josette said...


.x.Sarah.x. said...

I need this jumper in my life! It's awesome!

Love your hair too by the way :) so pretty x

Damsels said...

i feel like i frequently buy things that i like which arent my size.
esp. if i shop at major retail stores like H&M its almost guaranteed that my size is gone so i have to go up a size. sometimes it makes me angry. i agree . i have a love hate relationship with neon but i love this sweater.

Jo said...

Ohh, this suits you so perfectly! <3 I love the vibrant shade of pink!

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Miss M said...

I absolutely LOVE the jumper.

Quite frankly if it's the wrong size (ie too big unless it's a cardi you can make look hot being too small (not an easy task), I will buy it and coordinate my outfit to make it look good.

I agree with Lulu..comfy and cozy are a must in jumpers.

love the blog xx

vicky said...

I need to stop being scared of bright colours, this looks lovely and totally love the necklace <3

Temporary:Secretary said...

I buy tshirts a little bigger because I prefer the baggy fit. Emma, your hair looks gorgeous, I wish I had blonde hair! x

megcasson said...

Such a gorgeous picture and I love your necklace!