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I have been coveting one of these necklaces for such a long time now.

I actually put in an order for two for my sisters for Christmas, I had got them both  one with the initials of their babies names on them.
But unfortunately had to cancel the order because I was so late putting it in, it wouldn't have gotten here for Christmas.

The lady who owns the store was so good about it though and really understanding,  I've got to say that's something I really love about Etsy, the amazing Customer Service that I have experienced from all the stores on there that I have bought from, everyone seems to be just so willing to help with orders and any questions you have.

But since having to cancel the order I have been determined to make another as I really want the single pendent for myself with my initial on it.

I really love simple, classic, sweet necklaces that go with everything that you can wear all the time and I think that's what this would be. And I love that it looks like someone has just stamped out the initial and that it doen't look too perfect, more unique that way!

I also think they would just make the best presents too.
So thoughtful but still super pretty too!

You can buy these at this Etsy store HERE.
The single pendent is £18
The double is £19
The triple is £23
And you can get even more pendents on a necklace if you want too, the price is just slighter higher for every one you add.

Shipping is worldwide and only costs around a couple of pounds, dollars or euros depending on where you live!

Oh and if you check out this shop on Etsy why not have a peek at mine when your passing (Ha, see what I did there, good link ha!)

Let me know what you think, do you like these necklaces?
Do you already have one?

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daisychain said...

These are stunning, I've totally book marked for a future purchase! x

Katie said...

These are so dainty, going to have a look now

threesmallapples said...

So cute!!!