Dance Like A Dandelion

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Shirt- Gap
Cardigan- Dunne's Store
Jeans- ASOS
Shoes - ASH @ Sarenza
Pearls - Italian market
Bracelet- Hermes

Say hello to today's outfit.....
I watched the movie Julie and Julia at the weekend for the first time, although I watched it on LoveFilm Instant which took like a gazillions years to actually play and kept stopping and starting (Does anyone else use that, am I playing it wrong or something?) but all that aside I thought it was a super cute film and I really enjoyed it.  Meryl Streep wears the most amaze/awful outfits in it, which totally inspired me and I couldn't wait to wear my pearl necklace again after I watched it as she wears hers with such chic-ness in the movie.

I know everyone, including myself is a bit obsessed with the new ASH trainer wedges, but these are the ones I got last year from Sarenza as I took part in one of their blogger competitions.  They are so not a Winter shoe so this is the first time I have been able to wear them this year as it was lovely and sunny today.  I can't wait for it to get a little warmer and I'll never have them off they are beyond comfy even though they are super high!

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Thank You sooo much!!!

Hope you are all having a fab day!

P.s No, I have no idea what those awkward poses are about either...!


Domonique Wilson said...

Love how blonde your hair is thee days lovely! Hope you're well!

daisychain said...

those shoes are amazing <3

Jessica & Josette said...

pretty! your hair looks lovely x

Anonymous said...

that outfit is lush! I love that cardie, Dunnes is fab for cardies! xo

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit :) I hope you will follow my blog

Sweet Monday said...

Love this double denim look :)
They are american apparel disco pants just bought through asos as I could get 10% off :) xx

Kat said...

Love those shoes! Haven't seen Julie and Julia yet, but it's on my to-watch list, love Meryl Streep :)