The Black Eyeliner

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You know when you start wearing make-up when your younger and you are trying to get used to what you look like with it on, and how to apply it and what to use, well I loved all that, the trying the mixing and experimenting with different types of make-up but it wasn't until I found The Black Eyeliner (see what I did there, it even deserves it's own capital letters!) that I truly felt like I found my face and along with it fell head over heels in love with make-up.

When I first dabbled in the area of black eyeliner, I was initially a bit scared of how to apply it without looking like a drag queen, so I started gently by using just a plain Kohl eyeliner pencil, I think it was Rimmel.
Don't get me wrong i loved the difference eyeliner made to my eyes but i just didn't really fall in love with kohl pencils and to be honest I still don't love then that much.  I find Kohl to be a very light ash-y black, as much as you try it's very hard to get definition and for it to stay in place, and I now only really use a pencil for my inner eye or for when I'm doing a smoky eye.

From there I got my first every Liquid Eyeliner and that's where it all began really.  It was the MAC fluid liner in Black.  I was determined to make my eyes look like the girls from the 60's and I knew this was the tool to use to do it.  Liquid liner completely transformed the way I wore my make-up.  A lot of people over the years have asked me how to put liquid liner on, how to make it straight, make it flick out. Not because I am better than anyone else at it but I think just because I have got mines down to a fine art of always looking the same.  But in all honesty I say the same thing to everyone that ever asks about it.  Just practice.  I wasn't born with an extremely steady hand equipped for painting a straight line on my eye, its not like its a talent people have or don't have it's just something that you can either be bothered trying and getting wrong over and over again until you get it right or you just give up after the first few tries because seriously it can be super annoying trying to get it right!

I can not tell you the amount of time i have have liquid eyeliner on my eyebrow or down my cheek or more commonly on my nose, it's annoying but you just have to wipe it all off and start over again.  When people say 'oh there must be a easy way you do it' or 'What tricks do you use' I always say again the same thing, just practice it.  Leave yourself enough time to get it wrong before you have to go out and keep doing it over and over again till you get it how you want it.

When I was little there was nothing more in the world that I wanted than to be able to skip with a skipping rope.  And when i was old enough (or tall enough rather) to try, my mum taught me how to do it,  and i was devastated because I just could not do it, no matter how hard I tried i would catch the rope with my feet or my head or i would trip and i was so convinced that there must be some trick to getting it right that i was missing.  I used to make my mum help me practice every day over and over again until finally one day i just did it, i skipped, we were hooting and hollering and i was so happy(I think secretly she thought I was missing the skipping gene or something, it took so long!) and the only reason I managed to finally do it was because i practiced none stop, because I really really wanted to be able to do it.  So aside from what all the magazines would have you believe, i personally don't think there is any magic trick that will give you the perfect liquid line other than what I did with my skipping, practice. (FYI i went on to become quite a big deal in skipping, seriously I can jump rope pretty fiercely even if i do say so myself, hehe!)

The only other tip I can give you is use the eyeliner I use.  It's the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel above and it honestly makes the whole eyeliner processes a lot easier for even me who has been doing it for years, I can not recommend it enough.

I loved MAC's fluid  line so much, but the brush was just a teeny bit big for my liking, and it turned to a greener black by the end of the day as well as cracking a little bit too.

The Bobbi Brown one, stays on all day, doesn't transfer, even when your lids are sweaty (Ewww) and I have had this one for a few years, using it all the time and its still got loads left in the little tub. 

I tried a lot of different brushes with it as it doesn't come with one.  But I found this to be by far the best, even the MAC ones couldn't compare.  I really really love Smashbox products I just find them to always work really well and this angled brush is no different.  The tip of the brush is actually a lot smaller looking than it looks in the pictures, so you really can use it for any kind of line you like and along your waterline too.  I thought the whole 'angled brush' thing was just a fad, but i personally feel like it makes it so much easier.

I have just found a link and Debenhams seem to be selling the eyeliner for £14 with free delivery, such a good price and the best one I have found online, I don't know when the offer ends though so you may have to be quick.Click HERE for the link.

And you can buy the Liner brush which is number 21 also on Debemhams HERE for £13 free delivery also or you can buy it HERE for £11 but  i imagine there will be delivery so you may be cheaper with Debenhams.

Are you a Black Eyeliner fan like me, what is the best ever eyeliner you have tried, I would love to know?

P.S I know I haven't put a photo of me wearing it here.  But any photo you have saw of me on this blog wearing eyeliner, it's been this!


Hazel said...

I've been doing a lot of practicing with different liners so this post was really timely and interesting to me. I may just have to take myself off to Debenhams now...
Thank you!

Threesmallapples said...

I'm a liner obsessive. I can't leave the house without it!


Jane said...

You sound like a pro with eyeliner! I usually use one of the scrolly pencil ones because I can get it on fas tin the morning (I'm always runnign late). I have a gel liner but I can't seem to get that perfect flick!

megcasson said...

I am a lover of black eyeliner! I have always wanted to try the gel and brush!