Anastasia Lash Genius

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So, the awesome people at Anastasia were super duper kind  and gave me the chance to try out their newest product a few months before it hit shelves.

As you know I tried out Anastasia's BrowKit a little while ago, you can read the post HERE.  I LOVED the kit so much and I have worn it non-stop since.  So I couldn't wait to get my hands on Lash Genius to see if it lived up to all the hype. 

If you don't know who Anastasia is, she is the Eyebrow queen. No exaggeration, seriously.  She is the go-to gal for Miss Lopez (my beauty idol!)  all the beeautiful Kardashian girls and well every other A-Lister that you see that has epic eyebrows chances are Anastasia has waved her magic wand over them. It would be my Dream to get my eyebrows done by Anastasia in L.A, ahhh the life!

But it's not just eyebrows anymore that Anastasia wants to help us with, oh no, she branched out and now has a fabulous cosmetics line to help us achieve that Hollywood  beauty style.

OK, so what is Lash Genius, well its a clear waterproof seal that you can apply over any mascara and it Will instantly refresh and waterproof it.
And it really is that simply.

No tricks or fads or fancy words.  It literally does exactly what it says on the tin.  Which is why i am so beyond impressed by the product.

It's one of those things when I got it and started reading about it that I thought to myself 'really, why on earth has no one made this before' it is such an amazing idea.'

I don't know about you but I never wear waterproof mascara, it's normally a couple of pounds more expensive, and it's such a nightmare to come off, but then when you need  some waterproofing for an event, holidays, gym, weddings, whatever then your only option is to go and buy another new mascara on top of the one you already have, which is such a hassle.

So Lash Genius basically solves that problem.  100%.  You can keep using your favourite mascara and then whenever you need your old faithful mascara to become waterproof (or just to freshen it up during the day, it makes it look blacker and shinier too) you just brush one or two coats of this over the top and your good to go.

I also got given a little Lash Genius booklet along with this product which I have also put up picture of as it was just so darn pretty and also who doesn't want to do the Flashdance dance?
But I also put it up because it explains the product way better than i could and lists the ingredients too.

I also done a little QVC style experiment.  I thought wearing something like this really won't show you what it does, so that's why i done little swatches on my hands rather than eyes as i thought it would show the product off more.

I put two exact same samples of Dior mascara on my hands, waited a few secs for it to dry then applied the Lash Genius to one swatch only, then I got my mama's little plant-watering-spray-thing (yes, that is it's official name!!) and squirted my hand with loads of water, the equivalent of either a bad break up (major tears) or a watching a showing of The Notebook (Major, Major, Major tears, yes we've all been there, right?) and this was the results. 
I mean I have worn it and thought it was amazing on my eyes and actually made my mascara look fuller and nicer and my eyes had watered a bit with the cold and the mascara stayed put but even I was shocked with these results.
The swatch of mascara that has nearly 100% disappeared is of course the one that isn't waterproof and the one that hasn't budged at all is the one with lash genius applied to it.
How amazing is that?

Such a cool thing to see, that the water looks like it actually runs off the Lash Genius.
I just really love when a product lives up to the hype and more so.

I am so happy with this product and I wanted to do the little experiment to test it for myself so i didn't need to take the product paskagings word for it and i am so happy i did!

The Lash Genius will be $21 when it is launched in May at Sephora.
Everyone from anywhere in the world can also buy Anastasia products on her official website HERE
And now us UK'ers can also get Anastasia products HERE too!

What do you think?
Do you think this is a great idea for a product and will you be buying it?

Oh and P.S It comes off super super easy with waterproof makeup remover which is the one i use all the time anyway which is the 'Simple' one.


Anonymous said...

omg that looks fab! I need one! :)
Le Material Girl

Anita said...

I think it's a brilliant idea!