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Harvard Hoodie- Inkwell and Ivy

Hellooo Beautiful people,
How are you all?
I feel like it's been so long since I've put any form of an outfit/make-up post up so I thought I should make a little appearance on my blog today.

I have just been super busy with my store, with getting all my designs done and getting them printed, doing all the behind the scenes stuff for it and all the boring paper-work too.

It's crazy as for as long as I can remember I have wanted to have my own Small business and in the past i have done little things here and there business wise but nothing as big as this, even though its still small, if you know what I mean.  I have so many designs waiting to get printed and I am going to be having notebooks in the store really soon as well as pens and pencils and eventually lots of other Little gifts too. It's so exciting for me to see it all coming together even though just now it's in its most basic form and I haven't got too many of my products online yet, I am just so happy that it's started you know, and that I took the leap to do it, to try it and hope that it all works!

That's the scariest and hardest thing i think, for me anyway, was just to start it.  To commit to the hard work and the time and effort it takes to do something like this and I suppose more than anything to put my work out there with the belief that people will like it.  I have always wanted my own business no matter how small it is to start with, but I have saw so many people with the same dreams that i have with so much talent but they have never made that big step to start something up for fear of it not working.  And i suppose that's what holds everyone back to a certain extent, thinking that they don't want to put their all in to something that in the end might not work out how they would like, I know i have had the same thoughts but you know what I think, the only way your gonna know if it works is to try, right?

If it all doesn't go to plan, so what, huh?
Sometimes you need to go down a different path, a longer one, a wider one, a less travelled one to find out where you're really meant to end up and you might even end up with something better than you could even have hoped for.
And that's what I'm doing right now with The Pretty.  I am having the best time setting up my store and my hopes are high.  I'm excited to see where this little business journey takes me....

I know I don't normally write too much about my non-blogging life on here as I try to keep it all fashion related but to be honest I thought i should probably fill in the gaps of why i haven't been blogging as much as usual and also the thing that has helped me the most whilst starting everything up is reading blogs about other people journeys of starting up their own shops or business, hearing their stories and how they have achieved what they have or what they are trying to, is just so inspiring to me and it's so easy when you are doing something new to say 'uh its so unfair that so and so's shop or blog or whatever has became a success over night and mines hasn't' but in reality that happens to very few, most people put in sooo much hard work behind the scenes but just don't mention it hence why it gives the illusion of sudden success, it helps to know sometimes that your not the only one working hard, right?
 And i didn't want it to seem like i have just started up this shop out of nowhere as i haven't really spoke too much about it on here before and then i have started to blog about my products but i have been working on it for a while, its just now that its all set up that i can share it with you all.....

Have you started up your own small business or store, if you have i would love for you to share any advice or words of wisdom you have for all us newbies!

I hope I haven't bored you with my non-blogging life post and feel free to ask me any questions you have about the shop or stating something like that up....


Eva Ana Kazić said...

I must say you have great eyebrows :) random.

Lily Labyrinth said...

Good luck with the shop :D x