Ever Ours

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Last week I stumbled upon this little gem of a store.
It's called Ever Ours (how cute is that name?) and sells some of the cutest/sweetest dresses around and better than that they are totally affordable.

These are my favourites from the store, I struggled to pick which one I like best but I think it's got to be the polka dot one, although the white lace one is a super close second, how Wimbledon-style is that, so perfect for summer time!

I LOVE finding little stores like this, you always end up finding such unusual. sweet pieces!

Are you already a fan of Ever ours?

White Dress- £17-Buy
Polka Dot Dress- £16-Buy
Peach Dress- £14 -Buy

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head over heels said...

wow these are cute and cheap! i'm guna go over and have a look at the store now :) x

Natalie Leung said...

how adorable are these dresses, so cute! now following
hope you can join my jewellery giveaway!


Threesmallapples said...

OMG what?! £17 for the white dress? Amazing! I'm buying it night now!