Dear Dune

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Dear Dune,
Has anyone ever told you lately that your pretty special.
Because if they haven't well....they should have.
Because you quite frankly my dear are...
This morning an incident occurred at around 12.30.
I saw...oh gosh this is hard for me to say...
It's hard because I LOVE shoes...big time.
And to declare that you like one pair more than others well its like picking a favourite child or a favourite Olsen, pretty impossible but inevitable (FYI - Ashley is my Homegirl, her hair beats MK's and Elizabeth's hands down)
But this morning when I set my eyes on these little beauties my heart went Ba-doom
Ba-doom and everyone knows when your heart goes Ba-doom Ba-doom it's serious.
Like, normally Mr Gosling is the only thing makes makes hearts do that...its the big league we are talking about people, none of your clooney heart fluttering shizzle, no a full on Gosling Ba-doom Ba-doom was what these shoes induced.

So I just thought you should know that you are awesome for making shoes like this.
As they are pretty damn beautiful indeed.
So um....anyone up for lending me around's see £99?

Love you longtime Dune


daisychain said...

those shoes are incredible!