Yellow diamonds in the light

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Kimono- River Island
Tee- Dolly Parton Tour Tee
Jeans- A/Wear
Hermes Bangle
Aquamarine Stone Bangle - Jewellers

I really am not a Sale shopper.  I LOVE a bargain, who doesn't right?
But i just hate the rifling through jumble to find the good stuff, that's why TK Maxx gives me the chills (although i have had some MAJOR bargains there when i have put off time to rake) But a few days after Christmas I happened to pass River Island and decided to have a wee peek at what their sale had to offer. 
The shop was empty, It felt like it was just me and my mama in the store, which was probably why i found so many amaze bargains.  But we could not believe our eyes at the prices, everything was like  £2.50, £4, £10 and it was all really lovely new stuff not from 5 seasons ago or anything.

I picked up this Kimono that I had my eye on for ages at the fantabulous price of £8 it was originally £50.  The only thing is that they just had Lot's of random sizes left and mine wasn't there but i just picked the first one i could lay my hands on and even though its pretty big i love the loose-ness of it and it's the way i would want it to look anyway, i never like kimono style-over jackets to be tight, I was so super pleased with it.  I will show you my other RI bargains I got from the sale soon too!

Oh and you may have noticed that I have added some click-able sections down the sidebar of my blog.  I had realised that when I read blogs I love it when bloggers have their posts in sections, I find it much easier to navigate so if i just want to see all their outfits or just their videos or something then i can find them easily.  So i thought it was about time that i done this too.  You can have a little click around and see what you find.  I haven't gotten round to putting posts under a few of them yet as that means me having to go back and label yeah, you can see why i am putting that off but don't worry i will get round to it....eventually!!! 
You can also find a little list of some blogs i love, link to my Twitter and also to my Pinterest (i.e the most inspiring site ever, right?) 

Hope all you beautiful people are well and enjoying this lovely Monday...

P.S I have put up the link to the River Island Sale as it's still going on and there is still some awesome bargains, my Kimono may even still be there? Let me know if you find anything good!


rebecca said...

totally get ur hate of sales. i hardly did any boxing day shopping. i love that make up! it looks really simple and beautiful and brings out ur green eyes x

daisychain said...

I love that kimono! You have great style x

Domonique Wilson said...

I still have to get used to pinterest! But I'm loving that kimono!

Hope you're well!


Stacy said...

you look gorgeous

lucia m said...

beautiful!! <3

Katia said...

The best way to shop sales is when not many people are around, I get too lost when theres people :p This kimono is amazing! great find :)

Sophie Isobel said...

That's a pretty barginous kimono! I love all the colours and patterns on it :)

Rachel Phipps said...

I love your blue bracelet!