Summer In Winter


How To Make It Feel Like Summer In Winter On A Budget

-Roll up the Blazer sleeves
-Add some of These tights
- Add a pair of High-Tops to take the look from dressy to day-time chic and you will be looking Awesome in no time at all and you will still have a few £'s in your pocket left to buy a nice hot water bottle to heat you up and really make it feel like 'Summer In Winter'

Where To Buy The Clothes

3. (I know these are super expensive but I just through them in incase you wanted to treat yourself as they are so pretty)

P.S If you have never checked out A/Wear before, you should take a peek.  I have ordered loads from it and the Jeans I'm wearing in this post are from there.  They also seem to have free delivery for all International orders over £30 on, so a little incentive too.  I'm such an enabler, Ha!

P.P.S Just a litlle disclaimer I haven't been asked by A/Wear or anything to promote them, I just really like their clothes, Ha!


Lulu said...

THE TIGHTS = I want!

Katia said...

I love the blazer and bag! :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Love the nikes! x hivenn

Anonymous said...

want the bag!