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Purse- £5.00 - HERE
Bag- £20 - HERE
You can also get the bag in Grey HERE

I got a couple of little sale bargains from Urban Outfitters.
Urban Outfitters is one of my all time favourite stores and I always keep an eye out for their sales as they always tend to be a bit amaze.

I have been looking for a purse for so long, I'm so fussy with things like that.  I really don't like 'grown-up' looking purses, if you know what i mean, those big leather style monster-sized things and but when i saw this one, and the price i thought it was too perfecto to miss out on! Such a beautiful colour too!

Ah this bag looks like it has been used for about 20 years, I love that weathered leather look, it's such a classic style, I'll be able to use it for years.
I'm so happy with my buys!

Have you picked anything up in the Urban Outfitters sale yet?


Suddenly I See said...

I've never bought anything in UO but I always have a wee look in there. Gorgeous bag and purse, tho!

Lulu said...

Absolutely love the colour of the blue purse! I always get a bright purse so I can see it in my bag :D the Urban Outfitters sales are great because normally they're products are far overpriced but I've not got anything this year, got quite a few stuff in the past though xx

Kat said...

Oh I loooooove Urban Outfitters and a new one has recently opened near me- the sale is amazing! These are proper bargains! Love the bag :)


Vivian said...

There is no urban outfitters in Australia, love the blue wallet though =)

daisychain said...

I love it all!