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I wanted to do a little post on my new favourite thing right now, which is of course ........Lovelorn.
I know this is already a favourite of many of you savvy lipstick buyers out there. But i am pretty new to all this lipstick business.  Up until a couple of years ago i didn't even own one lipstick and was a loyal lipgloss-only wearer.
That all changed though when i bought my first ever lipstick from MAC and I have been building my collection ever since!

My sister bought me this one for Christmas after my (subtle?) hints to her on a daily basis about how much i loved her lipstick.  She has worn this colour for a little while now and i have always thought it just looked so pretty, very 60's!

I think it looks way darker in the tube than it does on your lips. 
It's really pigmented so you don't need a lot on for it to be noticeable but my favourite thing about this is that it's such a buildable colour.
You know how sometimes when you wear a MAC lip colour that is anything other than a nude shade you can feel a bit drag-queen-y wearing it during the day as the colours are so lovely and bold, well this one is a little different as with one coat its so natural and a perfect everyday colour and then you can gradually apply more for night-time for a strong pink colour.

The staying power isn't that great, but to be honest i find that unless I use a lip stain, no lipstick stays on that great.  After eating/drinking/laughing/talking i would say you would have to re-apply most shades and this one is no different.

I wanted to do two swatches of colour on my hand.  The light shade of pink is one application of the lipstick and the second is a few applications for a darker colour just to show you the variation.

Also the last picture was to show you the beautiful glossy finish the lipstick gives you, it's really creamy and moisturising which just makes it look even sweeter on.
Get ready to see this on me on here all the time. I just can't get enough of it!
Oh and if you want to see what it looks like on, I have it on in the pictures below!

Are you a fan of Lovelorn? 
What is you fave lipstick at the moment?


Katia said...

I prefer darker ones, and if I do light it needs to be a color other than pink.. it just looks horrible on me! But I like it a lot on other people

.x.Sarah.x. said...

This was my first ever MAC lipstick not so long ago! It's a beautiful colour :) I bought Milan Mode last month as a treat which is another pretty bold colour xx

Jessica + Josette said...