The Fringe Benefits

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Fringes, Bangs, whatever you call them they always cause some drama, right?

I got my first fringe when I was about 14.
I think I just wanted to try it for a change, I got it, I liked it, I grew it out then started all over again.
And to be honest that's how the cycle has went ever since.
Since that very first fringe i have had some variation of a fringe, I think my face looks a little weird without it and I think it suits my hair type.
I tend to sway toward the side fringe as it flatters my face shape more i think but I'm going to the hairdressers this week and I'm going to take the plunge and go for a full fringe again, not because I want a full fringe but because I think the only way to get a nice side fringe is to get a full fringe cut and push it to the side...woah are you keeping up here? hehe!

This is what has inspired this post because before I am even sitting on the hairdressers chair I have already decided the conversation i will  have with the hairdresser about the fringe. I will have to make clear that i need it a certain length, a certain shape (it just has to be graduated down the sides), a certain thickness and goodness knows what else i will have thought of before my actual appointment comes around.

It just makes me laugh sometimes when i think of the effort and time most of us put in with the whole fringe debate. 
Should I get them, Should I not, Will I Suit them, Should I push them to the side, Should I grow them out...
Ahhh so many questions....
And the funniest thing of all is when you get your fringe that you have debated about for weeks, it normally always takes the first person you meet a few minutes to even think what is different about your face but to us, the person who has just had this big chunk of hair cut off and placed on the front of their  face it seems like the most noticeable thing in the world, when in actual fact its not.

It got me thinking about our celeb friends who, i don't know about you but i use as my fringe-spiration at all times.
Who has the best fringes and who like most of us, has had some fringe disasters and can we, by looking at their do's and don'ts figure out a science of getting the perfect fringe?

I put together a post like the last one I did about Blonde VS Brunettes to let you have a little compare and contrast at the fringe dilemma and hopefully give you some hair-spiration of your own if you are considering a fringe any time soon.

So who do you think suits the fringes and who doesn't?
And do you take part in the fringe debate when you have to go to the hairdressers?
I would love to know.....


Katia said...

I think the only one who looks good with them here is ashely olsen.. I love bangs personally.. I had them when I was little, then too a break for a couple years and now I'm back with them and can't imagine getting rid of them :p

Threesmallapples said...

I LOVE a fringe, am and jealous of anyone who can wear one. I've tried twice (both were impulsive decisions) and always regret it immediately. I blame the hairdressers though... they can't egg on a girl with curly hair!! :)


Betsey said...

love this! I've had bangs (fringe sounds so much better...but I just can't get in the habit of using it!) for like 7 year straight! I finally have grown them out and actually am really enjoying not having any. I forgot what my entire face looked like without side bangs. Hah! But I'm going to the salon on Saturday and am going back and forth whether or not I want to ask to have them trimmed again! Definitely be super specific about what you be honest, I've NEVER loved or even liked my salon-cut bangs, I guess I'm too picky but I always have to wait til they grow out and reshape them myself. Can't wait to see you with "fringe"! It's gonna look cute on you!