Let the rain fall down And wake my dreams

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I got this headband/turban from Rock 'n Rose for Christmas.
I LOVE it, it's so easy to just throw on and the colour is so super pretty too.  I um'd and ah'd over this rusty orange or the yellow but I'm glad i went for this!

If you have never checked out Rock'n Rose before then I would definitely recommend it.
I have bought so many things from there including my two favourite rings that I wear all the time on my blog.
The quality is really fab and the service is amazing too and they are always on Twitter to help if you have any queries with your purchase. 

I sometimes find it difficult with jewellery/accessory stores online to know if the products will be as good as they look in the pictures, as there seems to be so many little online stores popping up all over the place and you don't really know which ones to trust but I can safely say Rock'n Rose is one of the good 'un's

(Yes the middle picture is blurry, it's not just your eyes! But I kinda liked it anyway, in a trying-to-be-all-arty way haha!)


Domonique Wilson said...

Love it! Plus it looks fab with your hair wavy!



Cylia said...

your so cute:) love the headband!

Kat said...

Ah I love Rock n Rose, have this headband in grey- looooove it! This colour is gorgeous too :)


Katia said...

I love blurry photos, sometimes I do it on purpose :p hehe. Anyways this is really cute!

P.S I used to love that hilary duff song :p let it wash away my ...something? and the music video! Ahh when I was like 14 it was all I listened to/watched :)