Stocking Fillers....

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Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you all know that my store The Pretty which sells greeting cards (and soon to be stationary too!) has a Christmas promotion on which gets you a massive 40% off your whole order!

The cards make great little stocking fillers too, you can buy them in packs which are really great for giving as gifts!

If you are planning on getting them for Christmas, put your order in as soon as possible so they reach you in time!

You can buy them HERE and use the CODE -  XMAS2011 for your 40% off.

Alternatively if you would rather purchase them from Supermarket or Etsy you can do so too.  I have already taken the discount off of those prices for you so no code necessary on those sites!

Oh and I would love you all long-time if you followed The Pretty on Twitter HERE and on LIKE it on Facebook HERE

Ok, so shameless self promotion over now! Ha!