Anastasia Brow Kit

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Fill them in, draw them on, stencil them in...It can sometimes feel like there is so many options to do with shaping your brows and most sound more complicated than the next that it's easy to just not bother with them.

That's what I thought until I just took a leap of faith after getting the Smashbox eyebrow kit from my mum at the start of the year and I started to use it.  Don't get me wrong i had some mis-hap's but nothing that some eye make-up remover and cotton wool couldn't fix and I loved the results so much that I kept persevering, that I now feel like my face is un-done if i don't have my brows filled in.

That's why I was so happy to be sent this new Anastasia brow kit to try out.  For anyone who doesn't know, Anastasia is the eyebrow Queen in America (she has even appeared on the Kardashians doing their brows). Any A-lister you can think of she will probably have shaped their eyebrows, to give you an example of how amazing she is Jennifer Lopez has said "She's the only person I let touch my eyebrows " And if the legend that is JLo is on board the Anastasia train then I'm ready to hop on board too!

So first off I want to say massive apologies for how grubby the case of the kit looks, it's completely my fault, i couldn't wait to photograph it before i used it and before you know it, I have it all over so, sorry about that!

The kit comes in two different shades the Brunette one which i have or the blonde one which has light shades.  But each kit comes with two different shades of the colour so a light brunette and a dark brunette. 
I have pale skin and naturally have brown hair but as you know am now blonde.  My eyebrows are a brown shade and i would say this was a perfect colour for me using the lighter brunette.
My sister has really dark eyebrows and has naturally black hair and she has used the darker shade in this kit and it looked perfect on her.  So i think there is definitely a lit of lee-way on the colours.
I would say if you have red/blonde eyebrows go for the lighter kit but for all other types of brown/black shades go for the darker because the colour is really build-able.

As well as the brow shades you also get a highlight/eyeshadow to contour under your brow, a wax to keep your eyebrows in place, a brush, and some stencils to get a perfect shape.

I am so impressed by this kit, honestly it is even better than the hype around it (if you google the reviews you'll know what i mean) the powder seems a really different consistency to anything else i have tried its really really lightweight and it doesn't smudge and ounce when its on you face, not even when you get wet/sweat. And the brush is beyond amazing, so small and precise.

The great tip that Anastasia gives you with the kit is to put the wax on your eyebrows before your start, something that i have never thought of before and it works a treat at keeping it in place, then after you have put your powder on you put more wax on to set it.

The stencils scared me a bit when i saw them, I've got to admit.  They looked big and hard to use but with the 'Golden Ratio' rule (the instructions of which are included in this pack) it's actually really cool to use.  When i first got this kit i used it on my sister first to try out the dark colour and stencils.  We are both massive fans of Kim Kardashians big brows and Jlo's too so we hoped that the stencils would bring us nearer to our dream brows (yes we are that cool, ha!) You should have heard us when i had finished her brows we were actually whooping! Me because i was so proud of myself for making them so pretty and her because she thought she looked damn -right awesome with them.

It takes you a few trys to match the brows exactly when you use the stencils but after that it's a breeze.
I really wanted to put up a video of me doing my brows with the stencils to show you but i didn't have time today, but I'll get one up in the new year to show you all how amazing it is.

I actually just got my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever today after i took these pictures so i can't wait to use it on my newly shaped brows!

To find out more and buy Anastasia you can go to her website HERE.

What do you guys think?
Are you a fan of Anastasia?
Do you fill in your brows, what do you use?


Katia said...

The stencil thing is too cool. I never color my eyebrows though because my bangs (fringe) covers them anyway. Looks great on you though! And did you dye your hair blonder? looks lovely :)

lucia m said...

love your brows

Agora tô pronta said...

Hi dear, and I was going through your blog, loved it.
Give a pass by the mine, if you like follow me?
We can follow one another.
Let's keep in touch, kisses.

blue roses said...

hmmm, seems like a lot of effort....

i pretty much stopped shaping my brows a little while ago, which is probably very obvious, but, i really like the mildly unruly, natural look.

Arden said...

This looks great, you look very pretty!!! xx

The PvdH Journal said...

I think eyebrows are the most important thing to start with when putting any make up on. They are, after all, your natural frame to your face. You look really very pretty!