Hello Tomorrow

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Coat- New Look
Jeans- ASOS
Shoes- ASOS
Handbag- Vintage from Italy

......Because sometimes you don't want to dress fancy when its cold and rainy, you just want to put on a snugly new coat with some pretty heels, sling your mama's Italian leather handbag over your shoulder, big-up your hair, put a slick of lip-gloss on even though you know your bigged-up hair will stick to it and kick around in the crunchy autumn leaves whilst singing along to some Christmas music.....loudly!


Anonymous said...

I love that coat!
And, even though those heels are gorgeous, they're a bit too high for me...

And Xmas music already? We've already got our xmas decs up at work!!!!

Suddenly I See

Jessica + Josette said...

love those shoes!! also your hair looks lovely


Claire said...

Ah, I have those shoes in the leopard print. They are ridiculous but I love them too. And your hair is looking pretty spectacular, jus' sayin'.


Hazel said...

You're absolutely right. Loving this look!

Betsey said...

LOVE your coat - and your hair is adorable!!!

daisychain said...

LOVE your hair! x

Heidi said...

Found your blog though New Looks twitter retweet. Absolutely adore your hair in this shoot. Reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift's hair. (Please don't be offended if you don't like her. She has beautiful hair, like you.)

Analisa said...

I agree with what you wrote :) I love your shoes!