Christmas Guide Post Three

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Ok I know what your thinking..... WOW!!!
Yes indeedy..... wow

Today I wanted to do a really fun item for the Christmas post.  Something that again wasn't too expensive but was quirky... to say the least.

I am someone who loves anything on the right side of tacky, if you know what I mean. So these little beauties were calling out my name when I saw them.

These are called Glowbys.  They are basically fibre optic hair extensions.  Yes, you did hear the awesome-ness of that sentence right- Glow in the dark hair extensions.

Glowbys shine more brightly the darker it gets. They are reusable so you can wear them loads and if you feel like the lights start to dim all you have to do is pop in some new batteries and your good to go.

The battery pack is hidden under a little teeny clip you use to slide the extension into your hair kinda like a hairgrip.
Once you've secured your 'lights' into your hair, your good to go and get raving it up/scare people in the dark/just stare at the amazing-ness of your hair in the mirror all night long!

They are about $4 each and they ship worldwide with shipping only approx $4 too.

Do you not think these would just make the funniest stocking fillers ever?
Also i know a lot of people who do things like secret Santa and stuff with their friends and they put a limit on how much presents can cost, so can you imagine if you only had a limit of like £10 or something and they were expecting a Boots gift set and you gave them them like a bundle of glow in the dark hair extensions, how freaking happy would they be....ha!

I really want some of perfect would they be for next years Eurovision song contest party....epic!

If you want to buy some of these and let's be honest why wouldn't you?
You can buy them HERE on Luminence.


Betsey said...

OMG - you are soo right, perfect quirky gift! Ahh love it!

Lulu said...

OMG I WANT! haha perfect xmas fancy dress!

Katia said...

These remind me of fairies. I can't think of anyone to buy these for but they made me smile so thanks :) and so did your comment about falling and wanting to run home and cry :) haha I usually just stay on the ground for a minute and laugh so people know I think its funny to. :P