Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2

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So here is the second installment of my Christmas Gift Ideas. Some quirky/alternative ideas for getting something that little bit more special for those awesome people in your life.
You can see the first post HERE

Today I thought I would do something that could be for either guys or gals.
This post was inspired by Katia (who has a beeeautiful blog, check it out here) who was looking for a little bit of inspiration of what to buy for her dad for Christmas.
It got me thinking what types of things can be bought that would suit a lot of different people in your life.

I am a massive book lover.  Ever since i can remember i have loved reading.  I have always thought there is nothing better than sitting on a cold winter-y night with a beautiful book and a big mug of hot chocolate...ahhh.
Although i am now a proud owner of a Kindle (I got it becasue i buy so many books i thought it would save me a little bit of money, which thankfully it has!), i still don't think you can beat the feel of a real book.

When I came across the website The Folio Society, I fell in love with it.
The hardest thing about buying a book for someone is finding one you think they would like, right?
Well I think this website helps solve this problem.
Why not buy someone their favourite ever book but buy them a 'special' version of it.  That way you know for sure they love the book and it also shows how much thought you have put into it by knowing which one they would love most.  It will be the most beautiful edition of it they will ever have.

Every book has a special illustrated cover and some even have extra text and new forewards too.  And they all have page after page of beautiful illustrations. 

I have always had this vision of having  luxe editions of my favourite books all on display, I just think nothing looks prettier, and this website would be perfect for collecting them all.

All these books are between £22 and £34 (i think the Grimm's one is £39, because its massive) which even though its much more expensive than a 'normal' book, as a keepsake that they will have forever, i think its a great price!

I think these would be perfect for everyone who loves a good book.  There are hundreds of titles new and old on offer on the site so I'm sure you would definitely be able to find something that you liked.  There is also the most gorgeous classic children's books too, how amazing would that be as a gift for a little baby so they could keep it forever!

What do you guys think?
Will you be getting anyone a special edition for Christmas?

Oh and If there is anyone in particular you are struggling to find a gift for and would like me to do a Christmas gift post on them, like for a boyfriend/best friend/sister etc.  Let me know and I'll see what i can find!


daisychain said...

once again, a truly amazing suggestion, and one I am totally stealing for my Grandads January birthday.