The Black Heels

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Ever since those Emma Cook for Topshop boots came out (and sold out) a few years ago I have been on a life mission to find a pair similar without them being 'rip-offs' and finally, finally I think i have found them.

I spotted these in the ASOS sale a few weeks ago and just thought I had to have them. 
To be honest I thought they would be a little smaller in height than they actually are and when i got them i was a bit like 'ahh too high'.
But thankfully when you put them on, because the platform is so big too they don't feel that crazy high.
The heel and platform are a sort of spongy rubber so they are pretty bouncy when you walk and its makes them so much more comfortable. 

Oh I tried to find the link to them so you could all check them out on the site but i can't seem to find it.  I'm sure they are still on the site somewhere though, when I can't find something on there I always Tweet them they are super helpful I always find, so you could try that if you wanted to get your hands on a pair too, i would highly recommend them!


Jessica + Josette said...

ugh love those perfect for winter


daisychain said...

I love these so much!

Kat said...

Ahh these are amazing!! Wish I could wear heels without crying in pain, I'm such a flats girl but I love the look of chunky heels like these!


elizabeth said...

they look amazing. good to know they are walkable in :)