The Best Damn Thing Your Eyes Have Ever Seen

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I've never been a slipper wearing girl
I've always been a big-fluffy-thick socks-from-primark kinda girl.
But last winter I spent the whole time moaning about how cold my feet were constantly and had to even wear my Ugg boots inside, just to warm up.
So to stop my moaning my awesome mama gave me an early Christmas present and got me some granny-chic slippers that I had been coveting.
And I've got to say I am such a slipper convert, my little feet have been so warm and cosy ever since I got them.
I love that they are so cute and old/retro looking, like a real pair of slippers from the 'olden days'!!!
So the question that I pose to you lovely people is, are you a slipper kinda gal or do you find them too 'old school'?

My slippers are from HERE


City Girl (EC1) said...

Sooo cute! Absolutely love slippers. 'Granny chic' is the only way to keep your tootsies warm in winter ;) x

freesia said...

Wow, this are beautiful! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, So beautiful.....lovely shoes....

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