Sunday Show and Tell

As soon as I knew Zooey Deschanel (the coolest/most stylish lady ever) had a new TV show coming out I had already decided it was going to be my favourite show, then finally a few days ago when it premiered I watched the first episode and I am happy to say it was even better than my expectations for it.
Not many TV shows make me actually laugh out loud but this one did, it is totally my humor, I can not wait till the next episode.
If you haven't watched it already you should definitely check it out online, i think you will love it too!
Oh and if any of you have saw the film PaperHeart (i.e. the sweetest film ever for all you fellow Michel Cera fangirls) the super cute best friend/director guy from that is in this too!


Sara said...

Yes! I'm loving it too.. keep singing 'a lot...' and 'who's that girl? it's JESS!'. I think I can relate too much!


nifa90 said...

how did you watch this before the 19th when it premiered on the 20th?!

Kirsty said...

Thank you for bringing this into my life. Amaazzzeeee!!! x