Shhh There's a Zebra Behind You

Excuse the whole 'AS SEEN ON TV' picture, it was the only one the website had.
I am really not a fan of the 'animals on jumpers thing' i never have been, I just don't really get it.
Maybe its because i am totally not an animal lover, I've never had pets bar when i was little and had some goldfish and an ill-fated experience with a hamster.

But for some reason when i saw this jumper i loved it.
I think its the colour that caught my eye and the random-ness of the Zebra just sitting there at the side of the it.

Its from H by Henry Holland for Debenhams.
I am actually really impressed by some of his pieces for Debenhams, even though i never enter that store as i always just find everything in it so dull, i honestly can't explain it but you know when you just take a dislike for a store and you don't really know why, its just the vibe of it or something?
Anyway, that's why I've never really checked out his stuff, but after having a browse online just there i really like some pieces but the styling of them is just so uninspired i feel, actually that's one of my biggest bug-bears with Debenhams is that they genuinely have some amazing designers with lines but the way they present the lines its like they are always aiming for women in there mid-40s or something, just weird!

Ok, so Debenhams moan over, I kinda want this sweater.
What do you guys think?
Do you like and are you a fan of Debenhams?


daisychain said...

Yeah, I kind of love that too! I think it's the placement of the Zebra that swings it.

Teresa said...

I love whimsical clothing especially this zebra sweater! It has a lot of personality and the colors are actually very versatile.