House Of Harlow

Picture this......
Someone goes all Fairy Godmother on you right now, I mean literally as your reading this, you F.G grants you one shopping spree, where you get to have a whole collection for free.
But the catch is you can only pick one designer/label and you have to make the decision in a spilt second, like that game that Phoebe plays with Joey and Ross in Friends where you only have a second to decide your answer and it's meant to revel the real truth as you don't have time to make up a better one.
What label/designer would you pick?
Honestly right now, if my F.G granted me a spree without even pausing to think about it I would say House of Harlow.
I love me my Chanel and my Marc Jacobs, Erdem and don't even get me started on Marchesa but truthfully HOH would be my answer.
I LOVE Nicole Richie, she is a constant source of inspiration to my style (seriously if you've followed my blog for a while, you will know that MKA and Nicole are my go-to gals for inspiration posts) and what she has done with HOH is amazing every piece looks like you have worn it for the past 20 years, it looks like its a part of you rather than some shiny new jewel you have put on for show and that's exactly what i think the best and most classic forever jewellery should look like.
I don't own any House Of Harlow but hopefully my Fairy Godmother will appear soon and I will have this beautiful collection in this stunning video.
Oh and don't forget tell me who you would pick for your spree, no cheating though, don't think about it, it has to be the first one in your head........


Katia said...

I love this!! I don't know what I would choose.. probably house of harlow cause it was the collection playing when the fairy came along :P and because everything looks amazing!