I have wanted to write this post for a few months and have never got round to it till now.
I don't know about you but up until a few months ago I had a pretty clear picture of what i thought Company magazine was like. 
I had never bought it but i had picked up copies here and there and knew enough about it to know it wasn't for me.
I LOVE magazines, seriously I read so many but i have to admit i am pretty picky with them. I never went through that stage of reading Bliss or Sugar when i was little, i went straight on to Elle.  I was never interested in problem pages or wanting to know what Boyzones favourite colour was.  I just wanted to read about fashion and even though i was too young to really 'get' what all the big fashion glossy's were going on about, I still loved devouring them and soaking up all the inspiration flying from there pages.
Don't get me wrong I equally loved celebrity gossip too but I didn't ever appreciate the condescending tone of those 'Teen' magazines, i just went straight for Heat magazine!

Even as i got older i stuck with the fashion glossy's branching out to little independent titles too but basically i skipped out on that whole genre of 'women' magazines. You know the one's i mean, Cosmo and Company, etc. Its not that there is anything at all wrong with these magazine, it's just that i was never interested in reading those types or things they had in them and dare i use the word 'trashy' but its what i thought (think?) most of them were like.
So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago as i scanned the shelves of the newsagents for my monthly Marie Claire, a magazine cover jumped out at me it had a white background and the front was so eye-catching, it wasn't even who was on the front, it was the fonts, the deisgn, the colours and the wording (FYI I am a big magazine geek, i write for them, read them that's why i notice things like fonts, i know proper geeky!) It looked amazing, i thought i must have missed the launch of a new magazine or something and then i saw the name COMPANY. To say i was shocked was an understatement, i immediately picked it up and started flicking through it, nothing about it looked the same, I bought it straight away so i could have a better look as my curiosity got the better of me!

And that is the story of how Company magazine has become one of my favourite magazines. Honestly i am still a little shocked that i am actually even writing that but seriously that first issue and every other issue i have bough since (3, i think) has been really really great. 
I do not have a clue what happened to the magazine or when it changed from what i thought it was (or maybe it was never like those other magazines in the first place, did i mis-judge it?)
But i really wanted to do this post on Company in case some of you also still had this idea about it.
I can confirm that the word 'trashy' couldn't be further from what it is.  I would class it as mainly a fashion magazine with some added extras.  They have amazing clothes (that are affordable and wearable), really great editorials and a really really lovely young and fresh layout which is definitely reminiscent of Nylon but with a more British/high street twist.
I honestly can't praise it enough other than to say i am really considering a subscription which in my world is the biggest compliment i can give to a magazine,Ha!

So I would urge you to check Company out this month if you haven't read it for a while, it may just surprise you!
What do you guys think, do you agree with me about Company's radical makeover and have you changed your views about any magazine you read/used to read?


Dani said...

I really enjoy Company too! It hasn't always been my favourite, I kind of grew up buying Glamour every month because it has good freebies but I actually prefer Company's content. It's classier than, say, More or Look, but definitely features more affordable fashion compared to other women's magazines. I just wish it was a bit thicker, I'd like them to last longer when I'm reading them as I always seem to get through them so quickly!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I used to read Company from the age of 15 and stop reading a few years' ago; and picked up the cover with emma watson on it (only because it was £1) and I forgot how great it is! :p

Whether i'll be buying it again... I don't know.

{mind you I'm still fond of magazines from my childhood such as Smash Hits (started that when I was 4) and Bunty (same age)}....

Jules @ A Bit of Jules

Tori said...

How odd I also brought this copy along with some others on a trip to Dublin, which i wouldn't normally buy. (prob the price and cover)
Altho i was a little let down by the fashion and content inside, it just didn't get me too excited. I have to say I do buy the Company high street Edit which i do love!


Katia said...

I'm so picky with magazines too.. I only read british vogue.. hate american vogue.. and elle uk is good too, and sometimes I pick up some random underground ones.. I never heard of company.. maybe its not available in canada :s

head over heels said...

i've been an avid company and cosmo reader for years now and dare i say it but i also enjoy flicking through look and more, its all the celebrity mags like now, new and reveal that i don't like! x

Hazel said...

I always say that, this month, I'll limit my magazines to two, maybe three. I fail every month and I fear this post will not help my plight! Red, Easy Living, Marie Claire, In Style, Glamour... all mine. And now maybe Company too.