Cold days and nights

Photobucket I am such a summer girl.
I love it being bright and (relatively warm) and not having to think about wearing big heavy jackets.
Although I do like winter up till Christmas, because then you feel there is a point to it being so cold and dark and snowy because you get the reward of it being Christmas, but seriously January/February is so horrid, right? It's always dull and freezing for me, i always feel like those few months go on for ages, you know?

But the one thing I do love about winter is getting to be warm and snugly 24/7. And these pretty bad snowy/arctic winters we have been having here the past few years have now made it acceptable (kinda) to wear OnePieces's outside something that i hope to take full advantage of this year!

My only rule about winter dressing is always start with the basics and just layer, layer,layer then add scarfs/hats/mitts when appropriate, simple!

So i thought i would do a little post about Celtic Sheepskin, which do some of the best/warmest basics around that i think would be a great start to a winter wardrobe.
The store, which is based in Cornwell is also online too, so you can shop no matter where you live.
I have to admit some of the pieces are pricey, and (alot) are out of my price range but there is some key pieces that are about the same price as the high street and for that you are getting real cashmere/sheepskin its amazing.

My mama actually ordered a pair of the moccasins, the ones above, last year and honestly they are the warmest, most comfiest things ever (i may have had a little try of them!)  and I would really love a pair.
They are so retro chic looking with the fur trim!

I have a list as long as my arm of the items i would love from this store, so i picked a few of them and put them together in the pictures above.

I think there is nothing prettier than a plain, over-sized cashmere jumper, a pair of jeans, warm boots and a big scarf in the winter, so pretty!
Buy all of the above HERE

Let me know what you think?
Have you ordered from Celtic Sheepskin before?

Oh and on another note, don't you always think Winter is a good time to have a bit of a makeover too, to get you ready for all the cold winter months. As you know i'm still contemplating getting my nose pierced and i'm thinking i might get it done for Christmas time, extra sparkle and all that! If you are thinking of getting something pierced or if you are looking for some new body jewellery, the best place to go to get discount body jewelry is Freshtrends!


Coco's Tea Party said...

I'm more of a summer girl too. But totally agree it is lovely to invest in some cosy knits for the autumn!

I V Y said...

such cute and simple knits!

xo zebra and meerkat

Anonymous said...

Ha, I TOTALLY agree with your thoughts on the seasons! Spring/Summer rock, and autumn/winter only works until Xmas and then it's the most depressing time in the world!