Stay Warm

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The temperature has dropped so low here today.
There is always things that make you aware that winter is coming aren't there?
That icy chill in the air that appeared today and to be honest there is nothing that signals the nearing of Winter more to me than the X Factor starting!

I was wrapped up in a lovely big knit today trying (and failing) to stay warm so when i saw this editorial i thought it was perfect for today.
I think its such a stunning simple shoot, and the knitwear just looks epic!

Hanna Waehmer by Stefan Heinrichs

Vogue Germany

September 2011


Anonymous said...

OMG it's freezing!! I hate cold weather, I'm such a sunshine girl (despite coming from Scotland!!!).
I'm totally on the look out for oversized knitweat. The bigger the better!


Katia said...

Ahh the cold wheather hasn't hit here yet, but in the morning when I walk to school I can feel it coming! I love cashmere sweaters! I've been buying too many lately :P