Lily Love's You

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So, I know i don't really mention too much about where I live on here, other than it's a sparkly city (see sidebar!) I am a bit of a scardy cat when it comes to putting all my info online, put it down to watching too much Newsround when i was wee,
But sometimes i can't help but want to promote local talent and a prime example of this is the lovely LilyLoveLock.
I first came accross the uber talented Domonique on twitter (where else right?)
and she has just launched her store on ASOS Marketplace.
The lookbook is full of quirky sweet images of the clothes like the one's above.
When i saw this playsuit i just knew I had to blog about it,
Playsuit+Stars+Stripes= LOVE
You can buy this little beauty for £28 HERE
What do you think, are you a new fan of LilyLoveLock too?


FashionCherry said...

"Playsuit+Stars+Stripes= LOVE" - I agree

You look divine!

Charlene from FashionCherry -