Blue Crush


Kate Bosworth rockin' her new blue hair
I actually like it, i think it really suits her and it's surprising as i would never have put her down for being the slightest bit 'wacky', you know?

What do you guys think are you feeling it or do you think dip dye is like so last year?


Ani. said...

I still like the dip dye trend; however, the blue could be a little brighter for my taste ;)

Katia said...

I would never think she'd do this! But it looks cool, would never do it myself though, that's for sure. I love the shirt she's wearing

Anonymous said...

I do like a dip dye, but I'm not sure about the blue. And good on ol' KB for surprising people with this look. I'm with you in that I never thought she'd be the type!