Time and Space

I want these SO badly!
Aren't they just the cutest things you have seen. Seriously they have the solar system on them....awesomeness or what!
I am much more of a chuck girl (in the GG sense and the converse sense) but i would totally go over to the Vans side for these.
I can see them looking rad with my denim cut off shorts and super pretty girly dresses!
The only thing is they seem near impossible to buy anywhere, I have only found them available for £45 (Is that slightly too expensive for a trainer, no?) in one store called Natterjacks that looks pretty awesome actually but they have it in one size only and that size is MINE.
I'm thinking its serendipity, what do you think, should i go for it and buy these babies?

UPDATE:-Ok so they are now sold out EVERYWHERE, anyone know where i can get my hands on some, pretty please?


Anonymous said...

It's like Christopher Kane vomitted on a poor skater kid passing by his studio. GO BUY. Trainers like these only appear in dreams. I too am more of a converse wearer, but these vans would be a total exception and rather unique. :) xxx

Raffles Bizarre said...

Oh man they're immense! Can't believe they're sold out everywhere!! :(

daisychain said...

My feet need these.