Red and Blue


Is this not the sweetest tattoo you have seen?
It's weird there is something so feminine and girly about it, even though its such a simple design!
If you have read my blog for a while you will know that i am planning on getting my first ever tattoo soon and I think this would be perfect, just a few of the rings maybe two, a red and a blue one on my wrist
Its subtle but still really pretty, Huh?

I found this photo on a really really beautiful inspiring blog called Lace and Likes
You might remember a little while ago I posted about a wedding (i.e The most perfect looking wedding ever!) well this is the girl who got married, Rachael's blog.
Its filled with pretty pictures of pretty places and pretty people and you really can't ask for more in a blog, right?

Oh and P.S Crazy Blogger still won't let me comment on loads of your blogs, so just to let you know though I AM reading them....and they are awesome!
Oh and P.P.S Happy 4th of July to all you lovely American peeps out! I am wearing stars and stripes in your honour!

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Anonymous said...

That's such a lovely and simple tattoo... you wouldn't even guess it was a tattoo at first. I think you should get it :) xx

threesmallapples said...

Agreed. So simple and stylish.


Raffles Bizarre said...

I looove tattoos like this!!

Lace.and.Likes. said...

you are the sweetest lady. thanks for the link love and feel free to use photos any time! <3

Sara said...

What a simple, sweet idea. I definitely can see this on you.