Dear Motel


Dear Motel,
I LOVE these jeans,
They very pretty, actually no, scrap that, they are damn beautiful Motel.
Do you know what, they are even making me toss out that 'fashion rule book', you know that one that tells you not to wear stripes if your legs are like this or that, well you know what, i say who cares ,who gives a bleep what these stripes may or may not make my legs look like you know why motel, because I like them and I think sometimes peeps are so stuck on what 'not' to wear that they forget its a little women with a (pretty bad) chin length bob and dark glasses(yes, HER!) who make up these rules and tell us all what we can and can't wear, what will make us look fat or thin, like a pear or an apple or a tangerine, well dammit, i say no more of this....

What I'm trying to say is, OK so that Poncho may make you look like Ugly Betty (circa season one) stuck in a tent but if you like it, like really really like it then wear it,
Simple as that, its OK that everything in your wardrobe may not make you 'look' like a supermodel but if you 'feel' like a supermodel in the inside when you wear it then hey that's good enough for me.
Sorry to rant at you Motel but its just i imagine that many of your customers have stared adoringly at these little beauties on your site but may have been too worried about what those stripes will do to their thighs and/or any other limbs they have, instead of just buying them and seeing for them self's that actually it makes their limbs look pretty damn awesome because in actual fact they aren't as big/small/long/tall as the women with the bob wanted them to think they were!

Love you longtime Motel


 P.S Buy them HERE



I may work for Motel - but I can vouch for these trousers! I normally can divide my wardrobe into a)things men get (read-little black dresses, anything bodycon) and b)things men don't get (read: tulip skirts, acid wash denim, grey nail varnish).

I thought these would be a 'b' but I was very wrong. I got LOADS of attention from men. They make my legs look slimmer and longer with the horizontal stripes. I kid you not!!!

(PS We are doing a restock this week and I'll be blogging all the photos of the jeans we've found on the internet to prove how great they look on real people!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post. I'm totally with you, we read articles in magazines that are supposed to help us 'dress our body shape' but they can do more harm than good, and you end up disregarding whole shops or styles just because a magazine says it might not be the most flattering! its a crazy world :/ but these trousers do look amazing and like paula said in the first comment horizontal stripes are slimming! I might have to think about getting some myself :) xxxx

daisychain said...

I loveeee your Dear posts! I love Motel but everything is cute for people shorter than I :(

Kat said...

Ah I love this- so true, I hate walking past clothes thinking 'uhhhh I love this, but I could never pull it off', need to get out of that mindset!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog's birthday post by the way :) Really made me smile! Your blog was one of the first I got into and always really inspired me! Also you were one of the first people to start commenting and tweeting etc. so thank you for that missy :)


Lorren said...

Woop Woop I totally agree!!! If you like them, go for it!! Wouldn't life be more interesting if people just wore what they liked and not what they think they should be wearing? I often ramble about this when I've had a few wines ha!


Lorren xx

Damsels said...

i second what you are saying .ive been looking for striped pants like these to go with my flatforms