'And they say she's in the Class A Team...'



I LOVE this dress, V-hudgens is rockin' it!
I wish i owned like everything Gypsy 05 made that was either floral or tie-dyed.....
So pretty.
Buy it HERE

Oh and I got my hair done today, I'm (nearly) a full-on blonde now...
I will do an outfit post tomorrow and you can have a peek at the new 'do!


Anonymous said...

She totally rocks that dress - I would love to own that dress (shame about our summer tho - when would we EVER wear it??)

Julia @ Retro Jules

Amazon Coupons said...

Dress is awesome.
One more thing in the photo is awesome which is purse i have recently buy a purse like that and that is awesome.

Amelie xona said...

Very nice dress.. Amazing costumes.