Wave Your Flag






Tee-Yayer, Shirt-Gap, Jeans-ASOS, Necklace-ASOS, Bracelet-LMLMC, Earrings-Topshop, Shoes-ASH

I seem to have lost all ability to smile in these photos for some reason!
Think it was the sun (the one ray of sunshine that is, in between the rain, seriously this is summer) in my eyes making me squint!

Anyway.... I got this Tee a few weeks ago now from Yayer.
As any of you who have read this blog for a little while will know, I LOVE Yayer, it is such an amazing online store, full of really unique, nearly one offs and such a great selection of vintage too.
If you haven't checked it out before you definitely should, you will love it!

I saw this tee and knew i had to buy it, i love anything to do with the American flag, seriously its a weird obsession!!!
It's  really lovely and hangs really great on too.
I wanted to really go for the whole 'Americana' theme with this outfit, with my 'Harlem' hoops and high ponytail, i put a denim shirt under my tee, to just add another dimension to the outfit.
And to be honest I'm just a fan of layering really!

I got this necklace from ASOS the other week with a voucher i got from my birthday to spend on the site, i couldn't believe how much it matched my earrings, they are like identical.  I got my earrings from Topshop years and years ago too, its weird!

Since Lauren first wore one on The Hills i have wanted a 'One Of A Kind' Hamsa red string bracelet.  I have honestly been on the hunt for it for about 4 years.  But i couldn't buy one from America for under £50 because of the crazy shipping and taxes, so when i stumbled across one a few weeks ago on the uk site Love Me Love My Clothes, i was more than happy!
It was the first time that i have ordered from the site and i had to get in touch with them over a shipping query, and i can't recommend them enough, they were more than helpful and got everything sorted out and were so accommodating and my bracelet arrived within two days or something, so quick.
I just wanted to mention that, as i think its so common now to come across really really terrible service from online stores as there is so many of them about and i just wanted to highlight how refreshing the great service from this one was! (Oh and Yayer's is fab too actually!)

P.S My hair looks a kinda weird eurgh colour here again, I just can't seem to photograph the true colour! Oh and Hello roots,Ha!


Eva Ana Kazić said...

My heart starts beating faster when I see someone so...different than the others. You do this with your hear, I can appreciate that a lot.


Susie said...

Such a cute outfit and I love how you styled your hair! :)

Lorren said...

I love that top. I'm a big flag fan too. I was very patriotic today and bought a Union Jack scarf.

Lorren xxx

Kat said...

Oh I love Yayer and this tee is amazing! Love that you've layered it over a denim shirt, I would never had thought of that. The bracelet is cute too, love those friendship bracelet styles with cute charms :) Will have to check out that 'love me, love my clothes' site!


miss vintage vixen. said...

Ha ha ha, I love this look, and the whole "Americana" concept-- it's actually pretty spot on, at least compared to the outfits at my school-- I love this!

Jocelyn said...

You totally look like the gorgeous and talented adele in that last picture! I love the bracelet!

Katia said...

Great outfit, I really like your shoes by the way!

Damsels said...

thats a really unique shirt thats not easy to pull off . im going to check out their store.im always looking for new places to shop