Sunday Show and Tell

I was born on May the 4th 1990
And this is the soundtrack (give or take a few) of my childhood
- Listening through the wall to my sisters blaring stereo
-Driving around in my other sisters first car, screaming out the windows to our ever changing 'favourite songs'
-Being at the local fun fair and not liking the pulsing beats of the dance music as your head spins and knocks side to side on the waltzers but now realising that music is what your memories are built from the most
-Sitting outside at playtime in primary school and having to acoustically sing with friends our favourite songs because ipods were only an idea in someones head on the other side of the world
-School discos and everyone doing literal dancing, if the songs says sit down you sit down
-Arguments over who would marry which Hanson brother
- singing pretty inappropriate raps for an 8 year old
-Sitting in the sunshine on holidays and listening to my Walkman
-Trying and failing to have an electronic voice like Cher's
-Believing that the vengaboys we musical geniuses

What is yours?

P.S For some reason Britney, N*Sync and co couldn't be added to the playlist but know that they and the Spice Girls were there too, also a couple of them won't seem to play but i kept them there so that you can check them out yourself if you want and finally Save tonight is a cover not the original but its really beautiful!
Oh and a few take a few seconds to play but don't worry they will!


Anonymous said...

Pretty much all these songs make up my memories from primary school discos and the atmosphere around then. The Las Ketchup song and anything by Busted also brings back vivid memories of dance moves. S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten too. I love how they're the songs from our childhood that will never be too cheesy to us because of the memories they are held with :) xxx

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

What a brilliant mix. My childhood right there. x hivenn